Disciplines By Clan and Covenant

Clan Disciplines

While some powers are common across all clans, each clan has a unique single power that is unique to them. If a vampire should wish to attempt to master the discipline of another clan, they must first diablerise a member of that clan.

Covenant Secrets

Learning any of the secrets of the Circle, the Sanctum, or the Ordo requires that the character be a member of those Covenants. The guard their secrets jealously, and while it is (very grudgingly, at best) accepted than in the course of a long unlife, a vampire may find their thoughts and political affiliations changing, none of the Convenants will brook former members teaching their secrets to outsiders.

The Circle Of The Crone

The Lancea Sanctum

The Ordo Dracul

A member of the Ordo Dracul may chose one of the below to study.