The Carthian Movement

The Carthian Movement has a long history in London, but has never enjoyed great success in the city.  Still, they’ve clung on, and these days they’re the second most numerous Covenant in the city, behind the Invictus.

While most of the movement would strongly resist the idea that they have single leader in the city, even the most strident amongst them would be hard pressed to deny that their organising committees tend to respect the voice of Jenny Ketch above all others.

Jenny claims to be the vampire who has been out of torpor longest in the city, with a reliable memory that stretches back to before the reign of John Dee, and certainly no-one seems willing to contest the point with her – whether because they don’t think it’s worth the effort, or because they’re scared of her indisputable physical power.

She’s held this position of unofficial authority since shortly after the second world war, as one of the only member of the Carthian Movement to survive The Hardest Night, and the only one who has remained in the city after that point.

These days, Prince Caddell clearly sees at least enough value in the appearance of listening to her and her movement, and she stands as high in the Prince’s trust as Sir Edward Blakelock of the Invictus, but younger members of the Covenant are beginning to whisper that this is a sham designed to keep them quiet, rather than evidence that the Movement’s views are really respected in London, and that perhaps it’s time for change – both within the Movement and without.  They point to the reforms to higher education over the last two decades as evidence of a clear attack on the Carthians historic power bases within London (and the rest of the UK), and they plot reform and revolution…