We ask that players attending a session take a lateral flow test at home before coming to a session of Crucible. We recognise that these tests cost money, and this may make regular testing impractical for some players. As a resulkt we will not be checking test status, or otherwise policing attendance in any covid-related way, but we hope we can trust our players to be respectful of sensible precautions around covid.

Similarly we will not mandate masks at the event, but if any players wish to wear them, they should absolutely do so, and mask-wearing should simply not be remarked on in-character.

That said, we also feel that we should make it clear that the truth is that Crucible takes place in a reasonably crowded room in central London pub. Ultimately the maximum level of safety we can reasonably promise is no safer than any other central London pub environment and outside the game area there will be members of the public, and venue staff that we have no control over sharing parts of the space with our game.

We recognise that this level of risk may be unnacceptable for some people who might wish to play, but we do not feel there is anything else we can do, short of running a complete different kind of game in a different kind of venue – and we hope those people will join us when we do in the future.

For the avoidance of doubt: in the fiction world of Crucible, the covid-19 pandemic has not occurred.