All Crucible games take place under the general Badgers and Jam Safety Policy.  All rules contained therein should be considered to apply unless specifically otherwise noted.

Game Content

Crucible will not feature themes of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or infanticide.  However, the nature of vampire-as-predator tropes and the toxic vampire society that the characters exist in mean that the game may feature elements that could be read as metaphors for the following elements that would be generally absent from Badgers and Jam games:

  • sexual violence (meaning reference to any form of non-consensual sexual activity)
  • domestic abuse
  • eating disorders

The game will not feature PCs or NPCs engaging in these activities, but an abusive controlling sire/childe dynamic is a clear metaphor for domestic abuse, and almost all vampiric feeding is a metaphor for some form of sexual encounter, and it is a core game element that vampiric feeding is almost always abusive in some way.

Themes of hunger, of addiction, of predatory monsters who turn people into fellow monsters against their will and themes of seduction and dissembling are a core part of the mythos we are working with, but explicitly sexual non-consent backstories/IC actions will not be permitted.

Players are very welcome to flag up particular themes or potential elements (including any not listed here) as challenging for them, and we will make all reasonable efforts to keep plot involving these issues from impacting their play, so far as possible.

Having flagged all this, we do feel it worth noting that we expect this to be a reasonably typical Vampire LARP, not an intense horror game – these elements will be thematically present, and potentially referenced by the characters in conversation, rather than constantly being acted out live.

All Badgers and Jam games make use of a number of safety techniques that all players are required to respect, so players will have full agency to disengage from any content they find too upsetting.  See the Safety pages for our full list of safety techniques.