The Circle of the Crone

London has never been a natural breeding ground for the Circle of the Crone, and they’re the second-smallest covenant in the city – only the Ordo Dracul have fewer residents in the city.  While the ascendancy of the Ordo hasn’t particularly brought the Circle any greater influence, it has resulted in a much diminished Lancea et Sanctum, who have historically been hostile to the presence of the Circle in London.

Over the last century or so, the Circle has expanded to ten members, in two separate but generally-cooperative covens – one lead by a French vampire called Etteilla, and the other lead by a kindred named Dihya.  The fact that the Sanctified are starting to show signs of recovery is a cause for concern, and the Circle’s members are certainly discussing a more structured and unified approach, formally uniting behind a single Heirophant, but the historical balance between the two covens as always been quite even, and unless either Etteilla or Dihya can agree to fall in behind the other.

There are rumours that in her early unlife, Prince Caddell was a member of a sect that followed practices that would have made them one of the many precursors to the organised Circle, but if that’s true she either has a limited memory of the time, or is politely not drawing attention to the fact she herself may know more of the circle’s ancient secrets that either of it’s actual leaders in the city, who are both (comparatively) young.  Either way, any past she might have with a philosophy like the Circle’s does not seem to have disposed the Prince to show them any particular favouritism.