The Lancea et Sanctum

The influence of The Lancea et Sanctum has waned significantly in London over the last several centuries.  When the Invictus ruled London, they worked hand in glove with the Sanctum, but with the Invictus seemingly content to pursue other interests at present, the Sanctum have thus far failed to make a mark with Prince Caddell.  It’s not that her reign is particularly actively hostile to the Sanctum (where Dee, her predecessor seems to have had some time for them), just that it has hitherto seemed entirely indifferent to their concerns.

This problem was likely compounded by the fact that the Sanctum’s initial response to their failing influence was infighting and finger-pointing, as they fought to blame one another for failing to convince the then-new Prince to listen to them.  This lack of a united front persisted for quite some time, but in the last decade, the Covenant has started to show signs that they’ve put that behind them, and they are expanding again.  

Their new Archbishop, Reverend Lancaster is preaching a more humble doctrine than the Covenant in the city has hitherto espoused – encouraging the faithful to to regard their most monstrous acts as acts of devotion to both the mortals they terrorise, and to god (and even to the Prince herself, for all she is indifferent to the service). They have been urging Covenant  to find their path through service, and it’s a message that seems to be resonating with their flock.  Today, the Covenant is seemingly taking the view that if the Prince doesn’t care about their concerns, that’s a blade that can cut two ways, and if they lack political power at present, that’s a sign they should focus on their spiritual mission.

This seems to be paying dividends for them, and it’s rumoured that the Archbishop’s faith has been rewarded with Theban Sorceries that have never been heard of before, and that they have begun to teach these new dark miracles to their flock.