The Redriff Contract

All player characters in this game are assumed to have signed this contract as a requirement of their residency within the bounds of the estate.

I ______, having been assessed by Prince Nest ferch Caddell and acting of my own volition, agree that I am a fit subject to take part in her Redriff Experiment. I agree to be bound by all the following terms and conditions of residency.

  1. I agree to take up residence on the Redriff estate within two weeks of signing this contract, and to remain resident there for the duration of my participation in the experiment. While resident, I agree to take part in a monthly meeting of the Kindred resident on the estate as often as it is possible for me to do so.  
  2. I understand the the Estate shall be considered a vassal domain of the Prince of London, and that it will be governed by the residents of the estate in line with guidelines laid down by the Prince of London.  I agree to participate in the domain, and to abide by any rules of residence that the Prince of Redriff, or other appropriate governing body may set down.
  3. I agree to make all efforts to ensure that I have no contact or communication with Kindred that does not take place within the borders of the Redriff Estate.  I further agree to hunt no Kine outside of the estate, and to limit any contacts I have with Kine outside the estate to the bare minimum.
  4. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my allies and other associates are advised that they should not contact me for the period of this experiment, and I warrant that I have taken all steps to ensure they do not, outside of the direst emergency.  I understand that should they do so, and I should fail to immediately disclose this, my place in the experiment will be called into question, and it will be Prince Caddell’s sole judgement that will determine if I am permitted to continue.  
  5. I acknowledge that receiving repeated contacts from Kindred or Kine allies who are not participating in the experiment is grounds for Prince Caddell to make reprisals against them, up to and including their death, and warrant that I have advised those I care about of these risks accordingly.
  6. In the event that I embrace a Childe during this experiment, I will ensure that they immediately be pledged to their own agreement to participate in the Redriff Experiment as a condition of remaining with me upon the estate or that they immediately leave the estate. I understand that no payment shall be due to any such childe.
  7. I have been advised that participation in this experiment is not risk-free, and that I may, at times, be at risk of physical harm, other, less tangible harm, and possibly even final death.  I agree to assume any and all risks associated with participation voluntarily.  I have been appraised of the fact that the very nature of experimental research means that the Prince Caddell cannot assure participants of their safety, they sincerely believe that there are no planned hazards to participating in this experiment that a reasonably sensible and alert member of our society cannot overcome.
  8. I understand that this is not a prison sentence, and that I may leave the experiment at any time, but that if I do so I will not be permitted to return, or to speak of anything I have learned during the experiment to anyone not resident on the Redriff estate until the experiment is concluded, on pain of death, and that I will receive no compensation for my participation, or any losses arising from said participation.
  9. In exchange for my participation in this experiment, I will receive either the sum of 5 million pounds, or one significant favour from Prince Caddell.  This will be payable after the successful completion of the experiment, on the condition that I am both still resident on the estate and physically present at the any formal meeting where Prince Caddell or their appointed representative brings a formal end to  the experiment.  This will constitute full and final payment for participation in this experiment. I understand that intended end of the experiment is to be between two and three years from commencement, but that circumstances may arise that might affect this estimation in either direction.
  10. At the Prince’s sole discretion, additional payments may be made in compensation for any losses arising from my participation in the experiment.  If I leave the experiment, or am unable to attend the formal conclusion of the experiment, I will not be entitled to any compensation.

Signed ________