The Ordo Dracul

The Ordo Dracul have ruled London for most of the last 400 years – mostly by proving to be organised and capable administrators, who are quite willing to allow the other Coventants the freedom to purse the things they care about, while acting as a sort of referee when they come into conflict with one another.

For all Dee, and his chosen successor Caddell have been more than adequate princes, the actual numbers of the Ordo in London have historically been quite small – perhaps 20 at their peak.  In modern nights, there are only 8 of them.  Two of them, Michael Blackstreet and Ashleigh MacWilliams  (often referred to behind their backs as Mick and Mack) seem to be the ones who deal with most of the day to day running of the domain, only troubling Caddell and Dr Summers when absolutely necessary.  The others are rarely seen by people outside their order – not through any particular great secrecy, but seemingly just because their studies occupy them elsewhere.

Newcomers to the domain have occasionally expressed surprise that the Ordo Dracul, not usually renowned for seeing political power, could hold – and be allowed to hold – the throne one of the world’s great cities without one of the more traditionally politically active Covenants seeking to take it from Prince Caddell, particularly given the relatively low numbers of her Covenant present to assist her.

Depending on how loudly their voice their sentiments, they often find themselves invited for an audience with either Ashleigh, or quite often Sir Edward Blakelock, the CEO of the Invictus in London, after which they usually quieten down, or, in a few cases, leave the city.