Crucible is set on a single fictional council estate in London in the present day. While there is a larger world out there, the characters are forbidden from interacting with it on any kind of regular or frequent basis. The concerns and actions of the characters are limited, for the duration of the game, to this one neighbourhood of London.

The fictional Redriff estate is located in the real-world borough of Southwark, and is roughly analogous to the real-world area of Rotherhithe – elements of the real-world history of that area have been drawn on, and combined with fictional material, in order to generate the game setting.

In the year 2019, the Kindred of London realised that they had forgotten something.  For the last 75 years, every vampire in London had somehow forgotten about the Redriff Estate, the largest council estate in central London.  If ever they heard the name, they had simply nodded, smiled, and forgotten about it.

A delegation of the most senior monsters in the city went to the Prince, understandably worried.  Their Prince listened to their concerns, nodded, smiled, and assured them all that it was by her design that they had forgotten.  She has been preparing an experiment, and now she is ready for it to begin.

The Contract

All the Kindred who take part in Prince Caddell’s experiment are required to have signed this contract.