Any real-world sexism, racism, homophobia transphobia, ableism (or any other form of prejudice) or violence of any kind has no place at Badgers and Jam events. Any player engaging in any such prejudiced, bigoted or real-world violent behaviour at an event may be asked to leave and/or banned from all future Badgers and Jam events. We will not hesitate to involve the police, if appropriate.

While alcohol will be available the events, and the need to maintain good relations with our venue do mean we do actually encourage players to buy drinks there, please note that intoxication will not be viewed as mitigation in the case of unacceptable behaviour, and serious intoxication will be regarded as problematic behaviour in its own right.

In game behaviour and game themes

This game will not feature racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexual violence (meaning reference to any form of non-consensual sexual activity), domestic abuse, infanticide or eating disorders, except as noted in the content policy document.

Any in-game behaviour or language that would fall into those categories or directly reference those topics is prohibited. If at any time, a player is unsure whether a given behaviour or reference might be prohibited in-game, we suggest they err on the side of caution.


Our venue is wheelchair accessible, and we do not expect this game to be physically demanding – it is a social PvP where all combat/physical elements are decided by system behaviour, rather than hard-skill physical combat.

If players have specific access needs we will endeavour to make all reasonable accommodations to meet them.