The Invictus

400 years ago, The Invictus ruled London, as they had for most of the city’s recorded history.  Today, they are it’s most numerous Covenant, with some 30 members across the city.  Kindred history does not record what happened to topple the last Invictus Prince of London (or even their name), but the speculation within the Covenant is that having been the dominant covenant in the city for so long, infighting become the normal practice, and the rulership of London became a bauble for them to quarrel over, rather than a practical end in itself, and that bickering is what lead to their fall.

The younger Invictus in the city maintain that they would not fall prey to this foolishness, and that the Covenant should seek it’s former glory again.  They generally settle down after a chat with Sir Edward.

Indeed, the Invictus have very little to complain about.  Caddell and her Ordo largely don’t interfere with their games of mortal power, other than occasionally stepping in to curb excesses, or to issue clear and unambiguous instructions that a particular person or place is to be left untroubled, and they can at least be fairly sure that when Caddell and her people make such interventions, it’s not the hand of a rival Invictus (or worse, a Carthian) guiding the intervention.

The biggest issue they have is the one that often troubles the Invictus – the changing times.  While the newest of London’s fintech startups don’t currently operate on the same scale as the huge financial institutions that the city’s Invictus Kindred have their fingers in, the combination of these new technologies, and the last two decades uncertainties have certainly set the board for other players to come in and disrupt them. The Invictus are currently engaged in trying to determine exactly who the players behind some of these start-ups are.