This is a summary document intended for players who are already familiar with Vampire The Requiem 2nd edition, who don’t care about how the system works, and just want to know the absolute minimum they have to in order to get started. For those players who need more information, there is much more detail in the various documents linked throughout this page.

Creating a character

Creating a character is a matter of answering seven questions about the character and this history, picking a clan and covenant, and selecting the starting disciplines that the character possesses – Crucible has very few stats to worry about.


Crucible uses the safety calls “Cut” and “Brake”, the OK check-in and the Look Down Technique. Read more about these on our safety pages.

Crucible uses the Ref Calls Time In, Time Freeze and Time Out.

During uptime, when you want to use a discipline power, you will need to use the Crucible web app.  Press the button for your power, and do what the screen says. Your humanity stat determines that chance that you’ll get additional beast-induced RP effects when you use a power, in three tiers of increasing severity – the lower your Humanity, the higher the chance.  These effects end at the end of the uptime session.

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Players have the opportunity to submit a downtime prior to any game they attend, except the first one.  To do so, log in to the downtime system and fill in the form. Players will receive a response from the refs shortly prior to the game.  Each downtime a character has 2 actions. With each action, they may either:

  1. Try To Find Something Out
  2. Try To Change Something
  3. Cover Up A Crime
  4. Assist another PC

Each downtime, there is also a chance that the character has had an accident while feeding on a human, and either seriously injured or killed someone.  These are the crimes that can to be covered up as a downtime action. The chance this will happen is determined by the character’s Humanity stat – the lower their Humanity, the higher the chance.