Creating A Character

After you sign up to play Crucible, via our ticketing site, you will be sent a link to the private players website. The first thing that system will do is guide you through the process of creating a character.

We’d recommend you assemble your answers to below in a text document, so that you have them available to paste in to our system when you need to.

You will first be asked to answer the following questions, without ever using the words “they don’t know” or otherwise rejecting the premise of the question.

  1. Why has your character come to the Redriff Estate?  It this answer is simply “for the reward in a couple of years”, specify what they intend to use the reward for.
  2. Why have they chosen to continue to exist as a serial predator, for however long they have?
  3. What scares them?
  4. What makes them angry?
  5. What do they like best about themselves?
  6. A choice from among the existing PCs: Who do they care about? (Help is available, for any players that don’t know anyone else when they join the game.)
  7. A summary of the character’s history/biography. (Max 500 words)


  1. Choose a clan and covenant.
  2. Decide how long the character has been a vampire. The system will use this to determine their current humanity rating:
    1. Characters under 100 years old begin the game at Humanity 7.
    2. Characters over 100 and under 300 years old begin the game at Humanity 6.
    3. Characters over 300 and under 600 years old begin the game at humanity 5.
    4. Characters over 600 years old begin the game at Humanity 5, and must pick a bane to begin play with, linked with a sin in the 6-7 range. (As a general rule, we are not allowing characters over 1000 years old, but if you have a particular concept that absolutely relies on being older, we will listen.)
  3. Pick three disciplines from your clan set.  (If you want a rank 2 power, you must buy the rank 1 power first.  You may not begin the game with a rank 3 power.)

(Players familiar with traditional vampire LARP who are wondering about choosing backgrounds and influences and similar should take a look at our design notes – there are reasons that Crucible does not track these as game stats.)