Ref Calls

You may hear any of the following called by a ref during a game session. Please ensure you respect them, or any other call coming from a ref with clearly similar intent. (Just in case we forget the exact words during a particularly exciting game…)

“Time In”: the session has begun.  All players should now assumed to be IC while in the IC area, unless clearly indicated otherwise.  This lasts until a call of either Time Out, or Time Freeze.

“Time Freeze”: the game has been temporarily suspended in order to facilitate a game event of some kinds.  Players should immediately go OOC, but remain exactly where they are, fall silent, and pay attention to the ref who has called Time Freeze, who will ask any questions they need to determine outcomes, direct any required actions or make any required announcements, before calling “Time In” again, and allowing play to resume.

“Ten Minutes Remaining”: An advisory call meaning there is a short time left in the game.  So far as practical, the refs will attempt to advise players when the game is drawing to a close to allow them to bring IC business to a natural end.  Players should note the call, but remain IC.

“Time Out”: The game session has come to an end.  Players should immediately stop being IC, and return to their OOC lives.