XP and Character Progression

A character will receive 1 XP for each game session they attend.  4 XP may be exchanged for a new discipline from a in-clan set. Buying a new out of clan discipline requires 5XP – note that all the powers of the Lancea et Sanctum, Circle of the Crone and Ordo Dracul always count as out-of-clan. 

Unique Disciplines

The disciplines marked in bold on the Disciplines by Clan and Covenant page are considered unique to that clan. Only members of those clans (or those who have diablerised a member of that clan) may learn that disciple – it is not available to others, even for out-of-clan XP costs.


Alternatively, players may opt to may raise their character’s humanity by a point for the following costs:

  • New Humanity rating 1-4: 2XP
  • New Humanity rating 5-6: 4XP
  • New Humanity rating 7-8: 5XP
  • New Humanity rating 9-10: 6XP

Unspent XP is not transferable between characters, and all new characters entering the game begin as starting characters, but after every five uptime sessions, the number of disciplines that new characters begin with will be raised by 1, to prevent characters who join the game later (whether with new players, or with existing players generating new characters) being left behind.