Information on this organisation is presented here as IC world background information, not OC fact. All the information on their page should be considered rumour and speculation at best.

The Only Thing We Fear

They are mad. Their morality does not allow for the existence of vampires. They are controlled by something else and are not responsible for their actions. They are on a mission. They have orders. They are holding an ancient grudge. They are afraid of something more terrible than the Kindred.

What They Do

They are vampires who hunt vampires. They leave behind the wreckage of their Kindred victims, often creatively destroyed, along with the three characters that make the Roman numeral for seven, displayed prominently on a wall, or a sheet of paper, or on a screen. And that’s all. They are the subjects of whispered rumor and terrified speculation. The fear of VII is the thing the five great covenants have in common.

Some connection between VII and the Strix seems to exist. When the Owls come, the hunters of VII are not far behind. But what? Do they serve the Owls or hunt them? Are VII the tools of the vampires’ destruction or their only hope for salvation from their shadowy screeching nemeses?

How They Do It

They hunt silently. Somehow their victims fall prey to the silence too, as if it were some sort of trap, or plague. They do not seem to need to communicate.

If they are following their victim for more than one night, they give no sign, because they are effective enough that their quarry has no clue. It is more terrifying to consider that they may need only one night to do their work. VII does not warn you.

The three characters “VII,” displayed prominently by a victim’s remains, often provide the only clue that they are the perpetrators.

Not all instances of a Strix sighting precede an assassination by VII, but most of VII’s murders follow a sighting of a Strix.

As hunters and soldiers, these vampires are calm, efficient, and apparently emotionless, far removed from the Firebrands of the Carthian Movement or the baying Acolytes. No one has ever seen a vampire of VII frenzy.

Does VII teach blood magic to its hunters? Sometimes evidence of rituals — odd objects left behind, the remains of a magical circle, some other thing — suggests a system of magic unknown to the other covenants.

VII’s vampires do not seem to be concerned about what happens to them. Will they destroy themselves when their work is done? Do they consider themselves different?